Fun and Amazing shows for your Scouting Event

As a scout leader, you know firsthand that Cub Scouts love to have fun. In fact, when scouts get together they get excited and … well … extremely enthusiastic. How can you provide a FUN, entertaining, and safe event for this year’s Blue and Gold Banquet?


"Cub Scouts love to amaze and be amazed. Magic and mystery are two surefire ways to capture a boy’s imagination. Almost everyone enjoys magic and no-one more than a Cub Scout-age boy."

 Boy Scouts of America


A great way to harness the excitement and energy of a Blue and Gold Banquet is to host a high quality magic show. A show that will amaze and amuse the scouts, their siblings and their parents, presented by a former scout with the experience necessary to keep the show FUN and the audience skillfully controlled.  

Cub Scout Magician Robert Halbrook and the Beautiful Lynn Marie are one of the few husband and wife magic teams that have been presenting fun "family friendly" entertainment to libraries, schools, fairs, and scout functions for over 15 years.


Robert and Lynn’s, age-appropriate, Cub Scout Magic Show will fill your scouts, their families and your scout leaders with amazement, laughter and incredible memories. Comedy, live animals, and lots of audience participation are woven together for a show that will dazzle and delight all ages. (Show duration can be customized to accommodate your event schedule.)

HILARIOUS "CLEAN" COMEDY: Everyone will be laughing non-stop from the time the show starts to the very end. There is no adult humor whatsoever ... you will never be embarrassed … guaranteed! This show has been kid tested and parent approved! (Parents often tell me that they enjoyed the show even MORE than their kids!!!)

GREAT MAGIC: Ok … the show is fun, the audience is involved, but, how good is the actual magic? The magic presented during our shows has the entire audience "oohing" and "ahhing" at all of the right moments. Your audience will be spell-bound from the moment Harry the dove magically appears from one of the scout’s ears through to the show’s finale’.

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: Getting and KEEPING the audience involved in the show AND maintaining their involvement is a sure fire way to ensure success! In our shows everyone helps to make the "magic" happen and both the scouts (boys from every rank) and their siblings will be invited to come up and participate in the show. And, as you can imagine, the look on a child's face when they are on stage and performing magic is priceless!

If you want a Blue and Gold Banquet entertainment that will have your Pack and their guests laughing, smiling and applauding, our magic show will deliver … guaranteed!

"OK, everything sounds great, what's the next step?"

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Whether you are hosting a Blue and Gold Banquet, a pack meeting, a special Abracadabra Month Event, or a September Rally Robert and Lynn will make that event one of the highlights of the scouting year.

Call or email us today and discover how our show can aid you in creating a fun family oriented gathering that will help you and your scouts celebrate the Cub Scout experience.


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Cub Scout Magic If you want to make your pack meeting as magical as possible, then this is the book for you. This classic (one of the first books I ever owned about magic) contains tricks for aspiring magicians of all ages including the Cubmaster. And who knows? The next master magician just may be in your pack! Hardcover, 146 pages; First published in 1960 by the Boy Scouts of America. [ key word magic]

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Cub Scout Activity Series: Magic and Illusion Activity Book This book is another in the continuing Den Meetings in a Box Cub Scout Activity series, with craft activities, puzzles, games, stickers and educational material to supplement an entire month of den meetings. Magic and Illusion contents include: Now you see it, Optical Illusions, More Illusions, Magic Scene, Stickers, Make a Magic Wand, Games and Puzzles, Movie Magic and The Magicians Oath. [ key word magic]




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